Gentle pet grooming in Hawthorn

Is your furry friend looking a little scruffy? After a visit with the Friendly Toad’s experienced groomers in Hawthorn your dog will feel healthy, calm and squeaky clean. From haircuts to nail clippings, our gentle groomers can calm even the most anxious of pups. For a professional pet grooming service that puts your dog’s needs first, look no further than the Friendly Toad.
Miniature Yorkshire terrier stands still while its hair is being cut

Our approach

No two pets are the same, so we get to know your dog to understand what makes him or her comfortable. With the use of proper cleaning techniques and gentle yet effective chemicals, we create a safe environment for your pet. Our professionals go above and beyond to ensure each grooming session is a positive, stress-free experience.

Our grooming services

At the Friendly Toad, we’re committed to the ethical treatment and care of dogs. We cover a range of grooming services and are experienced in working with dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities. Our services include, but are not limited to, washing, nail clipping, hair clipping and shaving.

Our friendly team

We’re a group of compassionate, caring and experienced groomers dedicated to meeting the needs of your pet. With over 20 years of experience, when it comes to grooming we know our stuff. Established in 2003, the Friendly Toad has been helping dogs in Hawthorn look and feel fabulous.

Book your grooming appointment today. Call 0432 522 314.

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